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#44 “AI Liability in Health” - A Moot Court organised by UNIVIE at the CPDP Conference 2024

by Clara Saillant, Theresa Henne & Lorraine Maisnier-Boché

On 22nd May 2024, UNIVIE went back to the Computer, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) Conference in Brussels for a new moot court edition. Last year UNIVIE organised a moot court on the topic “Value of Health Data” based on the (now adopted) European Health Data Space regulation (EHDS) and the question of rewarding data providers at the CPDP. This year’s edition focused on “AI Liability in Health”

03.07.2024 | [read more]

#43 The first lecture of TeamID Lunch Lecture Series

by Matthias Klonner, Hande Özkayagan Prändl and Katarzyna Barud

The Department of Innovation and Digitalisation in Law has kicked off their TeamID Lunch Lecture Series on 13 June at 12:30 pm. The aim of the Lunch Lecture Series is to increase the exchange between the Department and its employees with researches both from other disciplines and from other law faculties in a convivial setting.

20.06.2024 | [read more]

#42 Lange Nacht der Forschung 2024

by Boris Kandov

Am 24. Mai 2024 fand in Wien die „Lange Nacht der Forschung“ statt, bei der Universitäten, Fachhochschulen, Bildungs- und Forschungseinrichtungen sowie forschende Unternehmen von 17:00 bis 23:00 Uhr ihre Türen öffneten. Bei freiem Eintritt konnten Besucher an über 500 Programmpunkten an 52 verschiedenen Ausstellungsstandorten teilnehmen und einen Einblick in die Welt der Wissenschaft und Forschung gewinnen.

03.06.2024 | [read more]

#41 Data Protection Moot Court 2023 is over and here is how it went

by Klaudia Kwiatkowska

Discover the highlights of the 2023 Data Protection Moot Court (DPMC), where law students and graduates worldwide showcased their GDPR knowledge. Organized by legal experts in the field, the competition encouraged research, argument development, and legal reasoning. With participants from across the globe, including Brazil and Azerbaijan, this year’s DPMC expanded its reach, challenging teams in both written and oral phases on complex data protection issues. Celebrating creativity and legal acumen, awards were presented to outstanding teams and individuals, highlighting the event’s success in fostering future data protection law experts.

07.04.2024 [ read more ]

#40 Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry

by Iana Kazeeva

As you study intellectual property law, you will inevitably come across cases from the fashion industry. Moreover, these cases are important not just for the fashion business, but also have an impact on the application and development of intellectual property law as a whole.

15.02.2024 | [ read more ]

#39 Europe Rounds of the Monroe E Price Media Law Moot Court Competition

by Hannah Bertoluzza

From January 31th until February 2nd 2024, the University of Vienna has proven its skills at the Europe Rounds of the Monroe E Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. Hosted by the Université Paris Cité and organized by the University of Oxford, our Mooting Team has achieved the 2nd place and can now call itself European runner-up.

06.22.2024 | [ read more ]