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This is the blog for Innovation and Digitalisation in Law, this is where we address novel legal questions that arise in new digital era.

#40 Intellectual Property in the Fashion Industry

by Iana Kazeeva

As you study intellectual property law, you will inevitably come across cases from the fashion industry. Moreover, these cases are important not just for the fashion business, but also have an impact on the application and development of intellectual property law as a whole.

15.22.2024 | [ read more ]

#39 Europe Rounds of the Monroe E Price Media Law Moot Court Competition

by Hannah Bertoluzza

From January 31th until February 2nd 2024, the University of Vienna has proven its skills at the Europe Rounds of the Monroe E Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. Hosted by the Université Paris Cité and organized by the University of Oxford, our Mooting Team has achieved the 2nd place and can now call itself European runner-up.

06.22.2024 | [ read more ]

#38: Get to know the Department: Berufspraktische Tage

by Anna Krejci

Im Rahmen meiner Berufspraktischen Tage konnte ich das Institut für Innovation und Digitalisierung drei Tage lang kennenlernen. Die Berufspraktischen Tage sollen es Schüler:innen ermöglichen, einen Einblick in das Berufsleben eines bestimmten Unternehmens oder einer Institution zu bekommen.

01.02.2024 | [ read more ]

#37 Cyberspace Conference at Masaryk University

by Boris Kandov

Once again this year our department travelled to beautiful Brno. The Masaryk University was hosting the Cyberspace conference, a prestigious event organized in collaboration with the Masaryk University, Institute of Law and Technology, Faculty of Law, and the European Academy of ICT Law Vienna. Over two days, from November 24th to 25th 2023, the conference brought together experts to discuss and learn about legal and social aspects of information and communication technologies.

06.12.2023 | [ read more ]

#36 Transatlantic Insights into Digital Technologies for Mental Health

by Elisabeth Steindl

The promise of digital technologies for mental health services is undeniable, but it also brings forth challenges, particularly concerning privacy and data protection. Elisabeth Steindl and Richard Rak have successfully secured third-party funding for a modest-scale project on “Privacy and Data Protection Challenges Affecting Internet of Things for Mental Health: Comparative Perspectives and Pathways for Soft Regulation in Europe and Canada” (IoT-MH). 

03.10.2023 | [ read more ]

#35 Department Visit at Masaryk University

by Christoph Korab

On the 11th and 12th of September, the Department of Innovation and Digitalization in Law had the pleasure of following an invitation from our colleagues at the Institute of Law and Technology of Masaryk University in Brno. Prof. Forgó and Theresa Henne, Clara Saillant, Lukas Faymann, Adriana Winkelmeier, Klaudia Kwiatkowska and Hande Özkaygan Prändl enjoyed two days of social and academic programs organized by Vice Rector Radim Polčák and Prof. Pavel Koukal.


21.09.2023 | [ read more ]